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CITGO Refining
The CITGO East and West Plant alarms are tested every Friday at 12 Noon and the alarm tones are the same at both facilities.
The Refinery General Plant Alarm (Steady tone) advises personnel working inside the refinery there is a need for them to go to the holding areas for accountability purposes until further notice. No action is needed by the community.

The Refinery Security Alarm (High/low tone) advises personnel working inside the refinery there is a security need for personnel to shelter-n-place or go inside for safety purposes until further notice. [Note: This alarm is only for those personnel working inside the refinery – No action is needed by the community].

The Level 3 Community Alarm (Piercing tone) is a special tone that was installed to alert the nearby community an incident has escalated to a situation that may affect the surrounding community when heavy smoke, chemical vapors or energy release may be leaving the fence line. Community members should go inside, call the INFO line for update and/or receive a reverse alert notification advising what action should be taken.

This information has been provided by Citgo Refining December 2014.
Refinery General "Internal" Plant Alarm #1 (Alarm_Alert_General.mp3)
Refinery Security "Internal" Plant Alarm #2 (Alarm_wail_Security.mp3)
Refinery Level 3 Community Alarm #3 (Alarm_Special_Alert_3.mp3)

The Plant is equipped with two emergency alarms and one "All Clear" signal system. The two emergency alarms are: 1) general emergency alarms, and 2) vapor release emergency alarm.

The tones are as follows:
-The "General Alarm" signal consists of a slow whoop sweeping from 800 Hz to 1200 Hz.
-The "Vapor Release" signal consists of a rapid cycling high-pitch sound.
-The "All Clear" signal consists of a continuous 1000 Hz sound.
-A public address system provides voice instructions through the plant speaker system.

MarkWest Javelina
The plant tests alarms on Wednesday and Saturday at 12:00pm. The alarm is a single tone followed by an all clear.

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Port of Corpus Christi Authority - the POCCA has established an internal Bulk Terminal Facility evacuation alarm. The alarm is an audible siren that would be activated should a situation develop that would mandate the evacuation of the facility or communicate the need to shelter in place.

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Buckeye Partners, L.P.
Buckeye Texas Processing (BTP), located at 7209 Up River Road, will be sounding their siren system for testing purposes every Wed. at 12:15PM

Buckeye Texas Hub (BTH), located at 7002 Marvin Berry Road, will be sounding their siren system for testing purposes every Wed. at 12:30PM

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